Oscar is 10 years old, he lives at the hospital, he has no bones, and he knows he is going to die


The people in the “Republicans are people too” ads are actually stock photos.

Republicans are black. Republicans have tattoos. Republicans drive Priuses. 

This is the message of the recent “Republicans are people too” ad campaign: Republicans are not just the angry old white guys you see on TV. The ad shows various examples of supposedly non-stereotypical Republicans doing thing like recycling and “having tattoos and beards.” One problem: All of those examples turned out to be people from stock photos.


dead ass on the floor dying right now


a few days ago bf told me that a couple years ago when he played counterstrike he would respond to dudes getting angry and aggressive and hostile by saying “a kissaroo from me to you” in a slightly goofy friendly voice sort of like the voice you’d associate with a dog muppet.  he said they would absolutely lose their shit every time, insisting things like “i dont want a kissaroo from you!  only tall blonde girls!”.  they always said kissaroo.  i cant stop thinking about this


You are angry about something. “Clam down,” I text you. You assume I have made a typo, but in fact I am holding a small soldier clam in my hands. He died so young. War is hell


repeat after me:

there are white people suffering in the world

but the white people who are suffering are not suffering because they are white


Pride (2014)

(where can i get this woman’s magic lesbian summoning powers?)



How to get out of saying the “L” word by Victory Brinker


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